Cuddle Bugs Boutique

Moreau: 518-761-0000 Saratoga: 518-306-6728

Moreau: 518-761-0000 Saratoga: 518-306-6728

Moreau: 518-761-0000 Saratoga: 518-306-6728Moreau: 518-761-0000 Saratoga: 518-306-6728Moreau: 518-761-0000 Saratoga: 518-306-6728

How We Started

After finding out I was pregnant with my first child, Emma, I had a horrible time trying to find maternity clothing. I found one local consignment shop that had a tiny maternity selection and decided at that point that local moms needed a great, inexpensive place to shop! Once my baby turned six months old we embarked on our dream and opened our first Cuddle Bugs location in Saratoga. In 2016, we expanded to bring the deals to Moreau, including our huge play land in the same building. In 2018 we moved our Saratoga store into the Wilton Mall and shortly after opened our women's boutique!

We are a local, family owned business specializing in children's, women's and maternity items. Not only do we have an amazing selection of gently pre-owned items we also offer many new items from the manufacturer and from local crafters! We offer only brand name, high quality clothing, accessories, toys, baby gear, furniture and bedding. We are very selective in what we take so we can offer you the best! 

As a mom of three, I know how expensive it can be to have children. I wanted to share the cost-effective way that I have found to provide beautiful clothing, toys and gear for my children - buy pre-owned! So welcome to Cuddle Bugs! I hope you'll pass this on to everyone you know and I hope to see you in one of our stores soon!  

Our Goal is Happiness

We are always open and welcome to hearing your suggests, concerns and questions. Please do no ever hesitate to contact me!