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Baby Gear Rentals


Why Pack It When You Can Rent It From Us?


Rent More, Save More!
-Rent for more than 1 week and get 50% off subsequent weeks!

Delivery available from Malta/ Saratoga to Lake George

($30 one time additional delivery/pick up fee)

Extended delivery available on orders greater than $50, to outlying areas (as far south as Clifton Park and north to Bolton Landing) for an additional $10 delivery fee.
*Please note the delivery fee includes one delivery person. If you have steep stairs we may need assistance in carrying your heavier items. If you cannot assist and need 2 delivery persons please let us know. An additional $20 fee will be applied.*


Single Jogger     $9/45
Travel System   $12/60
Double Stroller  $10/50

Car Seats
Infant (rear facing 4-22lbs) $8/$40
Convertible  $8/$40
(rear facing 5-35lbs, front facing 20-40lbs)
High Back Booster  $7/$35
(20-50lbs with harness, 40-100lbs without harness)
No Back Booster  $4/$20
(40-100lbs, 40-57")

Meal Time
Highchair $8/$40
Booster Seat $3/$15
Bumbo Seat $3/$15
Bottle Warmer $2/$10

Infant Tub $2/$10

Full Size Crib $15/$75
Basic Pack n Play $8/$40
Deluxe Pack n Play (with bassinett attachment)  $10/$50
Bedding (sheet & blanket) $2/$10
Single Bed Rail $3/$15
Monitor $5/$25

Swing $7/$35
Tension Gate $3/$15
Bouncy Seat $4/$20
Excersaucer $6/$30
Activity table $4/$20
Play Gym/Actvity Mat $3/$15
Riding Toy $3/$15